Friday, September 18, 2009

In honor of the season premiere of "The Office" - Grammy's Office

I've been given an incredible continue working for the folks in Charleston, SC...remotely...what a great idea! My alarm goes off (yes it's early and we don't have a rooster in the hen house at this point), I commute from the bedroom to the living room (routing through the bathroom and the kitchen) and I'm at work. It's a beautiful thing. My overall office is extensive and I'll show you more of it later but for now I'll show you my work space, here it is...all 20 cubit feet of it.

The scenery is nice and getting better all the time as Pop and I continue to finish out our space. I'll put pics on showing the finished space soon...okay, as soon as I can since I don't know quite when it will be completed.

Like any new work environment, adjustments have to be know, for lighting, ergonomics, sounds, etc. Well...I was on the phone a while back - utilizing the speaker phone for hands-free working - when my BIT (Brilliant Information Technology) guy asked what the noise was. I realized he was hearing the washing machine waste water making its way down the outgoing sewage pipes that are currently open near my office space. Since these pipes handle all outgoing water for one entire end of the house, it isn't just the water from the washing machine I hear...

which makes me think of another office I've seen...enjoy the following video clip (thanks for supplying it, Romeo)and stop by my office sometime - I'll make you a cup of coffee or tea.


  1. HAHAHA! That was perfect mom!! At least you can say that your sound is the washer, not the toilet!

  2. Mom, that's awesome! :) Anytime you can incorporate The Office into a post you get bonus points! "Hard Core!"