Monday, September 7, 2009

Makin' Salsa

Do you all remember the goddesses? I was privileged to have 2 of them over on Sunday for lunch and then some salsa makin'. MK Lady got sick with the flu and couldn't make it and Big Red wasn't going to be in town. We forged ahead just the three of us and had a fantastic time!

MI and Amos were lookin' good while they "put up" salsa. They humored me and put on aprons. I'm pretty sure you have to wear an apron to cook in my kitchen. Just seems like the right country thing to do.

They made the process go quickly! We sort of made an assembly line and whipped those tomatoes into shape. Our salsa turned out hot and spicy...just like us!

Girls, I love ya! Come back to Four Sisters Farm very soon.


  1. I have serious garden envy over here. Mine was a big fat FAIL, thanks to too little time and a little one who is too little to garden with yet. Next year!!