Saturday, September 26, 2009


EJ & I had to get our fingerprints done recently. No...we have not decided to live on the wrong side of the law. It was for a much better reason but that's for another post.

To truly enjoy this story you must have a little history. I was a VERY accident prone child. I'm sure I caused Pop and Grammy plenty of stress through the years with my little mishaps. One of those occurred when I got the bright idea to stick my finger into a door jam during a rousing game of chase with some friends at our house. I was just a little thing and apparently believed that if you put your finger into a door jam and then yelled, "Ha Ha, now you can't shut the door! My finger is in here!" it would indeed keep the person from shutting the door on your finger. My glee quickly turned to pain when the door slammed and the end of my pinky got cut off.

Here is a photo of the pinky in question. Notice how funny the nail grows...

Before you go feeling all sorry for me. Check out my other pinky. They are just genetically stubby.
Back to the fingerprints. These days they have a scanner that takes your prints and puts them directly into the computer. I watched EJ get his done with no problem. Then it was my turn. Everything was cool until they got to THE PINKY. The officer would roll my pinky and the computer would reject it. I thought to myself, "how many times should I let him re-try the print before I let him in on my pinky problem."

I guess that old childhood injury finally came back to haunt me! Don't worry they did accept my partial pinky print.


  1. I know a VERY good reason to get your finger prints taken. I'm dying to know......but I won't say on here just in case I'm wrong. Email me?

  2. Oh, Farm Chick - you were SO accident prone! Pop and I were glad that there were almost always witnesses to your injuries so that no one came and took you away from us!!!