Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Four Sisters We Are There!"

Kind of a fitting picture since Pop has to wear dress clothes every day now. Grammy, you better throw on your jewels before you get here!We are in transition mode...

Pop is working hard to finish up the apartment downstairs.
EJ and I are clearing more items from the basement and moving them to storage.
Pretty Princess signed the lease on her apartment and she is preparing to move soon. (I'm trying not to think about this. I have enjoyed having her here this summer. What an awesome blessing she has been!)
Grammy is in charge in SC! She has been organizing the movers, obtaining renters and planning to drive to the farm. A long time friend of ours will be flying out and driving home with Grammy. Another huge blessing!

I know this time of transition will be a distant memory before we know it. I have mentioned to Grammy that this whole thing feels too good to be true. I am praising God and thanking him for this incredible opportunity for our whole family.

All of the sudden I am thinking about something that happened 4 years ago. Grammy, Pop, and Pretty Princess were preparing to move to SC. All four sisters were together at the house going through our things and clearing them out. It could have been a really sad time. You know, even as a grown child, the idea that your parents are moving the "homestead" so far away is tough. Instead of tears of sadness, there were tears of joy. We tried on old prom dresses and found old memorabilia from our growing up years. We laughed until it hurt.

After they were gone, our oldest sister and brother-in-law (DW and Doc), stepped in. They opened their home to all of us. Anytime. They hosted Christmas each year and gave us a place to be a family even though Grammy and Pop's home was far away. We also developed some of our own traditions during that time. Thanksgiving was always spent with our husbands' families but the day after Thanksgiving we (the 3 sisters in Kansas and our families) would gather at a restaurant to eat together.

God has been so faithful to our family during this time of separation. Each of our in-laws have stepped up in tremendous ways to bless us. Pretty Princess' future in-laws have done this as well! You all know about the leg incident. Grammy and Pop have sacrificed in many ways to be with us during all the important times. When we look back at the pictures our children will probably never realize just how far away they were!

You have to know Boz the Bear to truly appreciate my closing prayer...

Thank you God as this season ends for our family and our friends.
Taking time to sit and pray. Thank you God they are moving this way! :)


  1. I know it will be an adjustment because some are moving near and some are moving far, but you'll make it.

    Even though Pretty Princess is moving away, you'll still have memories of her that will ease the pain when you get sad.

    Can't wait to see the finished apartment! I agree--you are all blessed!

  2. Lizzy loves Boz. Sounds like wonderful things are happening all around at 4 Sisters Farm. God Bless.