Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going to the Chapel and We're...

Gonna get MARRIED! Woohoo!

Romeo popped the question to me (pretty princess!)

Here's the story:

Romeo and I agree to go see a late showing of the new Transformers movie. We get done with the movie at a crazy 1:00am or so and we begin driving to drop me off at the farm. We apparently headed in the opposite direction of the farm (which I was wholly oblivious to!) and headed downtown. As I see the tall buildings I finally start getting suspicious and ask what we're doing. Romeo looks at me as cool as a cucumber and assures me that we're just going dancing. That may sound strange to most.. especially at 1am... but we had been dancing on a roof top downtown on a previous date, so I still didn't think much about it! As we get out of the car, I notice that Romeo fumbles for something in the car and quickly pulls something out and puts it in his back pocket. Of course I ask him "WHAT... IS... THAT?!" He just sweetly smiles at me and pulls me ahead so I can't peek at his mysterious item residing in his left pocket. I tell myself that maybe we are JUST dancing and that he got me a necklace or some pretty earrings. Looking back now, I suppose I was just trying to tell myself that it wasn't THE ring, so that I wouldn't be disappointed. After all... who proposes at 1am?! haha We head toward the elevator and my heart starts beating like crazy! All I could think was "oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh!" We ascend up the elevator and my ears are greeted with the sweet voice of Frank Sinatra (which was playing from an awesome 90s boom-box! ha!) Also, I see two lawn chairs set up with champaign glasses, sparkling white grape juice, and two slices of cheese cake displayed at their feet and a beautiful bouquet of roses in their lap. Lastly, there was a heart outlined with even more roses to top it all off!

Romeo has never been so calm and smooth! He takes my hand, and brings me into the center of the heart. He drops to one knee, holds my hand as says the following: "Pretty Princess, up until this point, you've made me the happiest man I've ever been... will you continue to give me that feeling for the rest of my life?" He opens the classic black velvet ring box and reveals what I think to be the most exquisite ring in the entire world!

My eyes begin to swell a little with some joyful tears, and I assure him that yes, I will marry him! He removes my purity ring, and replaces it with the new gift and a promise to make me his bride. We end the night drinking our non alcoholic bubbly beverage with our scrumptious cheesecake. And of course... we DANCED!


  1. That is such a beautiful story! Congratulations!!!!

  2. awww..I love hearing proposal stories! Way to go Romeo..Frank Sinatra singing in the background is always a good move! :) Congratulations!

  3. LOVE IT! What a great story to tell your kids and grandkids. Very romantic Romeo! I am so excited for you guys. Love you!

  4. Of course Romeo doesn't let us down. Great story looking forward to the Happily Ever After. God Bless.

  5. Romeo's nickname is the right one! Pop and I are so pleased to be gaining another grown up son and so grateful to his parents for raising up such an incredible young man...we look forward to being "related" by marriage to Romeo and his awesome family! Let's get busy with the planning!

  6. Romeo's nickname fits him to a T.