Sunday, July 19, 2009

Get Your Motor Running!

Pretty Princess and I took the boys out and went "treasure hunting". We went to more garage sales than I can count. We just kept heading to the next one and let GPS (pronounced Gyps) lead the way. Gyps became a good buddy by the end of our three day treasure hunt. When EJ asked me where we went I told him that we just went where Gyps told us to go!

My most exciting find was this Power Wheels Jeep. I got it for $30! For those of you who don't know...these bad boys sell for several hundred dollars. The Jeep served to be a major frustration for 2 days because I couldn't find the right replacement battery. Pop told the boys they have a pretty stinky pit crew! As you can see, EJ really enjoyed pushing the boys around the yard.

When I finally got the right battery and charger (which totaled around $91 plus tax) the cowboys were off and running! They love this thing! They drive to the garden, then they drive to check on the chickens, then to the barn, then to the pumpkin patch. Sometimes they drive around in circles just because they can! Bubba is getting pretty good at turning the wheel and knowing when to put it in reverse. There are two speeds on this Jeep "turtle" and "rabbit". As you can imagine we are currently on "turtle".

I'd say these smiles are worth the treasure hunt!


  1. OH we have the jeep AND the gator. We are all in trouble. TROUBLE. I'm just sayin' those chickeys better be glad they are confined in the safety of their coop. We are now and forever going to have to drive the truck to the farm when we come so that we can pack the gator in the back or else we might have a holy war on our hands! LOL Glad you got a good bargain and they got a ton of fun out of your deal!

  2. Awesome lady! My kids love their car. We got it for them for Christmas a few years ago and they still love driving around the yard in circles. I even found a gas pump at a garage sale so they can fill up when the car gets "thirsty." See you tonight.

  3. How fun! And I really love EJ's expression in that picture. hehehehe

  4. I lived on a farm when I was little too. My brother had a black and yellow Jeep and I had a Barbie car. We loved those things!

    I'd say you got a great deal on that. Yard sells have the best things sometimes.