Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Making Progress

Whew...we are getting some things done in the basement of the farmhouse! It's been a slow go and we are clearing the hurdles as they come. We have encountered a few problems like plumbing leaks and logistical issues (you know, the domino effect - like electrical needing to be done before sheetrocking, etc.). Our electrician (who is also a family friend) was delayed due to his mom (also our friend) was in the hospital twice. We are praising God with them that she is recovering from a near death bout of infection in her bloodstream due to an abdominal abcess. Yikes!

Here are some pictures so you can see the progress...

The Kitchen! There is one of our plumbing leaks...soon to be fixed!

Master Bedroom


A beautiful phone be hooked up today!

Our test spot for concrete staining...also occuring today.

The entrance light.

Temporary bedroom in the basement.

We'll post more when more progress is made...We're getting excited!!


  1. Looks great and I LOVE the new'all are SO blessed!

  2. AMAZING! The transformation is so cool! Are you proud of yourselves? Cause I'm proud of you! WOW! Beautiful!

  3. I've been missing you. I wasn't at Bible study yesterday either. It's been busy with Mom and Dad in KS. I know you get that:) Love the new pic. You all clean up well!! The house is looking good too.