Monday, July 13, 2009

Pretty Princess does have a screw loose!!

Pretty Princess had her surgery to remove the one screw that the doctor said had to come out...however...our sweet little princess had been spending too much time out of her boot and broke the screw so we will most likely be back here again in December to go after the remainder of the screw and remove more of the hardware if she is having trouble with it. (From the looks of the xray, she will be back.)

Thanks for your prayers!

Check out the broken screw! The doctor said he usually only sees this happen in great big heavy guys! Guess that puts our petite Pretty Princess in an elite group! Move over big guys and watch out for the little lady!!

Here is what is left of the screw that may very well require removal later. Hmmmm.


  1. Dang it all!

    That just makes me shiver! Ugh! I've got hardware in my ankle, too - I think I'm glad now that they used dissolving screws...

    Wow! I hope she's not in a ton of pain!

  2. ahhhh..Poor girl!!! That looks way too painful! :( Hope everything works out!

  3. OUCH!!! Poor thing!!! Hope all goes smoothly.

  4. I've had many plates and screws in my hip, so I think it's safe to say it will have to be removed.

    The boot is there to protect the foot while it heals. Regardless, I know that everything will go smoothly.