Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Handy Grammy

I think Farm Chick may have started something with her blog about failures here at Four Sisters Farm.

I started a load of laundry this morning and the washer sounded funny...funny peculiar - not funny "ha ha" (Are you hearing me WKRP in Cincinnati fans? I know I'm dating myself). Then the crazy thing quit and displayed a error code. Great. So I pulled the washer out and got busy. (Note to Farm Chick - I'm adhering to the "woman code" and not divulging everything I found under and behind the washer some of it may or may not have been mine.)

After unscrewing umpteen screws on the back of the machine with Pop's screwdriver-socket-looking thingy, I found that I couldn't get to what I needed to; so I checked out the front - just two screws later (there used to be three but someone has been in there before me) I found what I needed...figures. I put the back of the washer back on and got busy.

I found the trouble-shooting guide inside the door I removed and the list of error I felt like I was getting somewhere! Lookout repairmen everywhere! I'm after your job! Ha!

I opened up the tube looking thing where the drain filter is and found...well...lots of water first of all. Good thing I had a load of dirty towels so close to the washer, huh?

There was so much water, I had to get a couple of things to catch it in. The dish also came in handy to collect all the stuff from the filter.

For all my trouble, I received $2.14, two baby mittens, a baby sock that used to be yellow, one button, a key to who knows what (possibly Doc's pickup??), two rusted drill bits, three screws, one nut, a used staple (also rusted), and a variety of twigs, lint, and goo.

After all that, I put back together the front of the washer and started my load again. I'd like to tell you that all was good with my appliance repair but the darn thing still doesn't work right and I ended up having to drain all the water from the load again...manually...but at least there wasn't any more gunk in it...just clean laundry water that actually smelled nice and was warm.

I've set up the service call for tomorrow morning. I'll keep you posted.

I am...Handy Grammy.


  1. Hmmm... you may have inspired me to break into my washing machine and see if that's where all the lost socks have gone!

  2. Handy Grammy to the rescue! She has the confidence to take a washer apart. I on the other hand have the confidence to call the repair man. I have much to learn. The cowboys and I were at a play date so we missed all this fun.

    DW did you note that the key looks like the one to Doc's pickup that we lost many moons ago. Hmmmm.

    As I write this we are waiting on the repair man. Lord willing we will be washing the mountain of clothes by this afternoon. When you live in the country there is always lots of dirty, muddy laundry. Now we have added a new baby with his own bunch of laundry.

  3. I use the "funny, peculiar; not funny, ha-ha" line, too....didn't recall WHERE I learned it from, now I know. ;-) You know, I think they just make things digital so you HAVE to call for help and pay them more. Best wishes for a SPEEDY is no fun being washer-less.