Monday, February 1, 2010

Many Parts Are Edible

Recently when EJ and Farm Chick were gone and the Cowboys were in good hands with us (Grammy and Pop), we had an interesting food (I use the term loosely) adventure. Pop took the Cowboys for a walk one afternoon and Bubba came back to the house with a handful of weeds. He was adamant that he was going to “cook” them and eat them. Pop just shrugged his shoulders and said, “He’s been carrying them around for more than half an hour to get them home and cook them.” Being the reasonable Grammy that I am, I said, “Okay.”

So we put them in a little water (after washing them thoroughly, of course) and microwaved them a while. Pop and I smelled them and I thought maybe our little connoisseur had picked up some dill…Pop thought it was sage…Pop’s a connoisseur too.

So Bubba got out his fork (I love Pop’s expression here) to taste his concoction. He concluded that it wasn’t “done” and needed to be “cooked” longer wrapped in a dishtowel and maybe eaten with ice cream (hmm).

So he wrapped it in a towel and let it cook…

And tried it again.

And yet again.

He even tried it with a little peanut butter which all of us connoisseurs know makes everything taste good…sort of like ketchup, right?

Not so much. He hasn’t brought anything in from the field since. Oh well. Who knows where this will go. Maybe Bubba will be some sort of health food guru some day. Remember Ewell Gibbons and the pine tree? Many parts are edible. (They just might not taste so great.)


  1. This might be the funniest thing I have ever seen. Ever!

  2. I leave for a few days and my child is eating twigs. Oh my! Only grandparents would let a kid experiment with that. Parents are like, "throw that thing away!" Ha!

  3. Maybe Ewell Gibbons had loving grandparents who let him eat a few twigs...he built a career around it! Who knows???