Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Dreams - Sweet Schemes

Bubba recently outsmarted/outlasted his mom and did NOT take the daily after dinner, he drifted off. I'm thinking that he was busy making some plans when he fell asleep.

Here are some possibilities for what was on his mind:

  • How can I best avoid naps in the future? Maybe form a coalition called Kids Against Naps (KAN)?
  • I think the tree house needs another level. I'll have to talk to Pop about that.
  • I'm thinking that snacks are better than meals - maybe I should start a kids' group against actual meal time...if Aunt DW can have a club for Moms Against Mini Vans (MAMV), then maybe I can have a Kids Against Sit Down Dinners (KASDD) or Kids Into Mini Meals (KIMM) or maybe Kids Eat All the Time (KEAT). Surely I can find some research to support my theory that it's better for kids to snack all day.
  • I think I might have to figure out a way to make global warming ACTUALLY happen so that I can put an end to winter, being stuck in the house, and can go get in the tree house.
  • I wonder if Grammy is right about God making me grow when I eat good food and get some sleep...maybe I can grow without napping...zzzzz

Someday he'll want a nap and won't get to take one...probably because a four-year-old will be working hard to stay awake and keep everyone around him awake as well. Is that an injustice or what!?!


  1. If only he would get with the "take a nap" program I have going. Geez! He is always exhausted by dinner time when he doesn't nap during the day. I guess he is in that transition period. Why can't they all nap for 2 hours a day forever. It's so refreshing for all of us! :)

  2. At least they he isn't to the "Yes, I took a nap" stage where they lay quietly for an hour, pretend to sleep and then lie right to your face. Then they act like a maniac the whole afternoon and evening because they're trying to stay awake. But don't you worry...Bubba is right on Bub's heels. He'll get that one figured out soon, I'm sure. LOL

  3. I felt like that at 6:40 this morning, but I WANTED to go back to sleep and couldn't stop thinking. Oh the cycle of life.