Thursday, February 18, 2010

Laundromats are not for sissies!

You know that the washing machine quit at Four Sisters Farm. (sigh) You know that I (Handy Grammy) tried to fix it but couldn't. But the laundry in a household of four adults and three children (one an infant) doesn't stop just because there is no handy way to wash it.

We had one week to dirty, spit up on, etc. as many clothes and linens as possible before the repairman would be back with the pump to fix the washer.

Enter the laundromat...I'm not sure who owns/manages the local one but it's not the nicest place to spend an afternoon. I wasn't sure that the clothes would actually be clean when I was finished there. As I loaded up machines and put quarter after quarter into the things, I encountered several broken machines (two of which were not marked and took some of my quarters before I figured it out and one of which had standing, stinky water in it) and tried to selectively set things where they wouldn't fall into pools of sticky spots of partially dried liquid detergent or fabric softner.

Farm Chick had EJ help her get set up there one afternoon while I stayed with the cowboys...

then Pop and I took a turn.

I can hardly believe how much it costs to wash a load at a laundromat ($1.75 for a small top loader, $2.50 for a "normal-sized" front loader, or $5.00 for a double-sized)...and we had to wash a BUNCH of loads...then we had to dry them! I quit counting the quarters after a while and got my exercise picking up clothes and putting them back into the dryer with the door that would NOT stay closed.

I'm guessing that a person could easily make payments on a washer and dryer instead of feeding quarters into machines and be done with it. It's possible that hauling laundry makes me grumpy...all I know is I'll be happy to use the washer when it's fixed. And that's all I have to say about that.

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  1. With all that laundry you probably could have purchased a used washer. ;-)

    The only good thing about the laundromat is that you can get all the laundry finished in a little over an hour!