Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just read this...

Pop and Grammy know that DW and I are doing some major Black Friday shopping this year.  DW does it every year with her sis in law but this will be my first year.  (I have wrangled EJ into going with me).  DW has been coaching me.  "Bring a big carts, etc."  She is a regular Target lady.

Grammy thinks we are crazy.  She doesn't like the crowds and has no desire to Black Friday shop.  So we weren't surprised when we received an e-mail asking us to pick up a few thing.

From Grammy & Pop to DW & I:

"Hey, Chicks! We understand you are braving the black Friday sales…we think you’re crazy but maybe a little brave. Hope it is good fun. We’re hoping we could impose upon you to pick up a couple of items while you are out. There are only two stops (besides what we know you are planning) on our list…maybe EJ wouldn’t mind doing the Gander Mountain Stop? Are you meeting up and going together?

Here’s what is on our list:
Gander Mountain:
· Centurion 20 Gloss Black Gun Safe $549.99
· Pelican Apex 80 Kayak $129.99 – Pop thinks it would be great for the pond!
· Daisy BB rifles…they have pink and regular(Red Rider)…we think it would be great to target shoot with the kids…so at this point, we need 3 pink and 7 regular and 1 box of BBs per family.
· Carbon 15 .223 Rem. Semi-Auto Rifle with Bushnell Red Dot Sight $599.99 (Dad says this price is unbelievable!)
· Backwoods Deer Target $99.99 – we have a great idea for a Christmas Lawn display…we’ll need 8 of these.

Best Buy (opens at 5am) – just one item there:
Panasonic - VIERA / 50" Class / 1080p / 600Hz / Plasma HDTV for $699…that’s a good price, right? We are thinking it might nice to get rid of the entertainment center for a little more floor space downstairs! Not sure if you will need a cart or if EJ can just carry it.

Oh, one more thing…
Dad is tired of fighting his old out-dated MP3 player…so while you are Target, could you go ahead and get the Apple 8GB iPod Nano Bundle With $15 Gift Certificate $145

Let us know if you any questions. Thanks SO much.

Love you!"

DW and I (both busy with kiddos) just skimmed the e-mail at first and went about our day.  That evening I sat down to read it more thoroughly and nearly fell out of my chair.

My heart was starting to palpitate when I read how much money and how big the items were. I was thinking...oh my, Mom is going to have to move money over before I can even get everything on this list. will we fit everything in the car. Can we even buy a gun for someone else. 8 deer...that's like $800! Wow! What does Dad have planned for them? Maybe he is going to make Christmas display and then use them for a practice hunting range. BB guns? Aren't the kiddos still pretty young for that? A kayak? Really? The MP3 Player...that makes sense. But a $550 gun safe? That thing is going to be heavy!

I'm calling DW!

They have to be kidding...but...Mom listed specific items from the black friday ad. Crazy.

Then DW and I devised a plan.  She sent the following e-mail to call their bluff...

"Hey Mom and Dad!

Hope you made it to your destination alright (they were traveling for Dad's work) and that Dad's feeling a bit better!

I talked with Farm Chick and we aren't planning on meeting up to shop, but Doc and I pow wowed and he said he'd help me... here's what we've worked out:

I'll hit Best Buy after my sis in law and I get done at Kohl's (open at 3) and Target (open at 4) 5 will be just about right! I'll pick up the MP3 (Farm Chick, I will call you if they don't have anymore in stock by the time I get to that dept. and you can check the Target on your side of are going there early, right?)

Doc will take the truck and my bro in law said we could borrow his dump trailer. I'll meet up with him after Best Buy and we'll hit Gander Mt. last so that we can just make a delivery to your house after that! (I will sacrifice my no cart rule, this once, to get the TV )

Doc's folks will be over around 4:30 am to watch the kids so Doc can hit Lowe's (open at 5) on his way to meet me at Gander Mt.!

Have a great trip! Be safe and I guess we'll plan to see you mid to late morning for a delivery. Sorry but this Santa will arrive in a dump trailer instead of a sleigh! LOL

Love you!

Then we waited for a response.  Surely they were going to break first.  We knew Mom had been on the computer but no response. 

DW's e-mail to me this morning..."Dude...the longer it takes for her to reply, the more fear grows in my very soul that they were serious. LOL. She even sent out an email last night and didn't reply. Really? Could they be serious? Surely not...they wouldn't ask us to buy a semi automatic weapon for them... LOL"

DW sent another note to Pop and Grammy..."I hadn't heard back on this plan going to work for you guys???"

Finally a response from Pop, "Sounds perfect. Ha"

Pop and Grammy, you are very bad people!  When you get home you are getting the big elbow!!!


  1. this was a much needed belly laugh for me today! thanks so much for sharing the love and fun your beautiful family has!!