Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parenting with EJ

On a recent, VERY LONG, car ride.  Our Bubba was sitting in the way back asking to "hold" the bag of twizzlers he had chosen at the last gas station.  We were trying to explain to him that he could have a few twizzlers but couldn't hold the bag.  (Of course, we knew he would eat them all if he held the bag).

It was a pretty intense discussion (as far as 4 year old discussions go).  Finally a light went off for EJ.

EJ to Bubba:  "When I was a little boy I ate a whole bag of twizzlers and then I got sick!"
Bubba: "What happened Daddy?"
EJ: "I threw up and had naughty poo poos (aka diarrhea...for some reason this is what the kiddos call it)"

EJ quietly so only I could hear: "No I didn't...I ate the whole bag and it was delicious."

I nearly fell out of my seat!

The good news is that Bubba took that as a decent reason to only eat a few twizzlers at a time.

The great news is that I am still laughing!

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  1. Diarrhea is such a nasty word. We call them "mean poopies" at our house :)