Thursday, May 19, 2011


Have you ever looked at

I think everyone should look there. 

At least once. 

Once you see their little faces they are real. 

Real children in need of real families. 

I can hardly stand the reality that we have children growing up in the US (or anywhere for that matter) without permanent families.

It breaks my heart.

God is calling EJ and I to adopt more children.  We have known that for a long time.  Last summer we participated in our state's course on adopting from foster care.  It is the course required to foster and/or adopt from the system.  It takes 30 hours of class time as well as homework and home visits. 

For nearly a year, we have been saying to any adoption caseworker who will listen, "WE ARE HERE."  We have put our names in the hat for many different children and sibling sets in several different states.  So far, we have not been selected.

God's timing is perfect and we will continue to trust Him to bring our children home. 

He is preparing our hearts and the hearts of our children to receive them. 

Just the other day, I was looking at the picture of a  little girl in need of a family.  Bubba climbed up in my lap and asked about her.

Bubba: "Mom, does that little girl need a Mommy and Daddy?"

Me: "Yes, she does."

Bubba: "What happened to her Mommy and Daddy?"

Me: "I don't know.  It is sad that they can't take care of her anymore but I think we should pray that God will bring her a new family fast."

Bubba: "Does she need us?"

(Cue the tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat)

Me: "I don't know yet.  Let's pray for her and tell God that if she needs us, we are here and we are ready."

Bubba: "Mom, I would be happy if she was my sister."

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  1. What a sweet, sweet story. That website is where I started my foster care journey as well. Do you know why you haven't been selected for children yet? We weren't even fully licensed before they started calling us to take children, but maybe that's because we were open to foster care as well as adoption.