Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Moving Notes

1. My beloved Keurig stays UNpacked.  I will need my coffee on moving morning.  She may possibly ride in the front seat of my car...right next to me...with a seat belt on...

2.  My children can definitely feel the stress of moving.  They have zero patience for each other.  It is my job to make sure my patience level does not under any circumstances fall to zero.  That would be a catastrophe.

3.  EJ and I are sleeping on a Queen size bed this week.  Our King is prepped to move.  Now I remember why I love the King.  That is all I am going to say about that.

4.  Poor Bubba has developed a wicked rash.  We are unsure at this point if it is Chicken Pox or just a random virus.  He is being super tough through it all.  I am assuming it will spread through my boys like a wild fire and then head straight for their cousins.

5.  We ordered the Big Table from a local wood worker/carpenter.  (more like Artist who makes furniture)  He will have it completed later this summer.  We are thrilled.   Once we get moved in, I need to start finding the dinning room chairs.  I can't wait to have that project completed.

6.  I finally talked EJ into a new Washing Machine.  I have hated my washer for four years.  I am certain that it hates me back.  I asked Grammy if she wanted to keep it.  She said "No Way" and ordered a new Washer/Dryer for the farm.  She is a smart lady.

7.  Daisy and Huckleberry are moving to town.  Turning country dogs into town dogs makes me really nervous.  I told EJ they have to have a visit to the vet before I will take them into town.  They need an update on their vaccines and a good scrubbing.

8.  I am pretty sure the kitty cats are all staying here.  They are barn cats.  They like the country and they roam around.  I don't think my new neighbors would love them roaming around like a bunch of hobos. 

9.  I got a steal of a deal on my new refrigerator.  It was marked half off in the "scratch and dent" section of the store.  I could care less that there is a dent in the freezer door.  My children will bestow a whole lot more dents on that thing immediately. 

10.  I have managed to keep the eating out to a minimum by cooking last weekend and placing the food in disposable containers.  Now we are just two days away from the move.  This will no doubt begin the week long eating out extravaganza.  Don't judge me.

That is all for now.

No, it's not.  I forgot to say... 

The twitch in my eye that took up residence about a week ago shows no sign of leaving.  Clearly I have stress issues.

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  1. Good luck with moving! No judgment here about eating out :)
    And we LOVE our Keurig as well! You may need TWO cups of coffee the morning of the move