Sunday, August 23, 2009

King Size Bed...

I love you.

Why didn't we do this earlier? This would have been really handy when we had tiny babies who needed to be fed at all hours of the night. This would have been grand when I was pregnant and took up 3/4 of our queen size bed. All you king size bed owners have been holding out on me. It is heavenly. Oh my stars.
We finally made the switch because Pop and Grammy had this bed in their guest bedroom in SC. They moved it here and I stole it....and I'm not giving it back.

I love this new bed so much that I went out and bought her a whole new outfit...doesn't she look pretty!
Come to think of's bed time now...I'm outta here. Another fantastic nights sleep in my big comfy king size bed. Goodnight.


  1. We've had a king size bed for several years now and it CHANGED MY LIFE!! Congrats!