Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding Planning

It's been a few years since we planned a wedding. In fact, ours was the last one...7 years ago. By the time Pretty Princess and Romeo say "I do" it will have been 8 years. So...I am having a BLAST helping Pretty Princess plan. I've been researching all things wedding. Particularly in her chosen colors: Black, White & Red. Oh my stars, it is going to be beautiful!

Here is a card holder...picture it with red instead of fuchsia. Isn't it darling?Check out these ideas for invitations...

(with red accents, of course)

Now, on to the bridesmaid dresses. What do you think?

Gone with the Wind?


No? Not so much? Keep looking? Okay.

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  1. HAHA Oh my gosh! I choose the santa ones. That way... you can all have a heat stroke in June! I love that you're planning with me! Love you!