Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Harvest

This photo represents but a tiny portion of the harvest from our "Super Garden." I am not going to lie. I am completely overwhelmed. No one in their right mind would plan to do this kind of garden along with renovating a basement and moving in their family. Of course, none of us knew we would be so busy when the garden was planned! :)

I am not a country girl by birth. I am growing into this role. I have no idea what I am doing. What I don't know I attempt to learn via the internet or other experienced country people. Canning is hard work. Doctor's Wife, Pretty Princess, Lou Lou and I learned that last year.

So far I have "put up" the following...
Potatoes in the root cellar
Onions in the root cellar
Garlic in the root cellar
Green Onions in the freezer
Carrots in the freezer
Snap Peas in the freezer
Zucchini in the freezer
9 pints of salsa
38 pints of bread and butter pickles
6 quarts of bread and butter pickles
12 pints of dill pickles
12 pints of sweet relish

I'm looking forward to canning more salsa and some pasta sauce with our tasty tomatoes. I wish I knew what else to do with all those stinkin' cucumbers. By the way, when a cucumber is can tell. It is NASTY! DW and the kiddos came today to help me can salsa and pickles. I made DW taste the cucumbers. She was a good sport.


  1. Lucky you - all your hard work will be worth it this winter when you are still able to enjoy that fresh grown flavor that beats anything in the store!

    I do not envy your work thought. We worked up 4 quarts of peaches for the freezer and that seemed like a fair amount of work. Can't imagine how much time you have spent at the kitchen cabinet.

    Keep up the good work!

    BTW - hope to see you all at the NWCC Anniversary Celebration. :-)

  2. Everything looks delicious! Tomatoes and cucumbers are so much better straight from the garden. I'll get that cucumber salsa recipe to you asap. Not like you need more salsa, but it's something to do with the extra cucumbers.

  3. Girl, I'm impressed. And a little overwhelmed from just reading your post.

  4. What the heck is a root cellar? See, you're already a step ahead of this city girl. Have you ever thought about selling your produce on the side of the road or at farmers markets? I would totally buy from the four sisters farm!!

  5. Beautiful! I know - it's a lot of work. My garden - thus far - is ending up much as chicken food since I've been so sick and in the hospital so much.

    One of the best finds someone pointed me to a few years ago are the online county extension materials on canning - seriously, there are about a bazillion recipes, helps, etc. I love those!

    You've done so great so far! Total gold star!