Friday, August 21, 2009

Daisy the Dunder Dog

First, a vocabulary lesson. The word "dunder" is actually a noun meaning "the thick lees from boiled sugar-cane juice used in the distillation of rum." It's origin: 1785–95; carries an alternate meaning "to overflow." However, according to it can be used with the noun "heed" as such: "dunder heed: scottish slang to describe some one who's intelligence is below average."

Hence, the title of this post, "Daisy the Dunder Dog."

Pop says he has never met two dogs of less intelligence than Daisy and Huck...well, that isn't exactly the way Pop says it...but anyway...

Among other annoying habits that intelligent dogs would not be a party to, Daisy has developed an attraction of sorts to chickens...specifically the chickens across the road at our neighbors' farm. She hasn't been found to harm the chickens but she has a record now of transporting the chickens (via her mouth) from the Spice Family Farm to Four Sisters Farm. No one is happy about this chicken thing Daisy has...the Spice Family is not happy, the residents at Four Sisters Farm are not happy; and I can tell you for certain that the chickens are NOT happy!

Now...why is Grammy blogging about this...well, let me tell you the story...

One stormy morning just recently, Farm Chick and the Cowboys were gone for breakfast with friends, Pop and EJ were at work and I was here working on the seemingly endless task of settling in after our move when I heard Daisy barking and a commotion that seemed to warrant some attention. I found some of the Spice Family members at the end of the drive with Daisy and went to see what was going guessed...Daisy had been caught red-handed with one of the neighbor's chickens...again. After a conversation assuring Mrs. Spice that EJ and Farm Chick are working on a solution to prevent chicken-napping, I returned Daisy to her tethered leash and noticed that the storm that had just blown through had broken some lawn furniture and moved other things. I began cleaning up and hosing off leaves, etc. from the house and furniture when another wave of the storm came through and caught me in the backyard...of course with the back door locked since I had exited from the front...all this to say that I was so much less than pleased with the commotion Daisy the Dunder Dog had created that put me out in the weather.

A wet, bedraggled, and irritated Grammy says, "Daisy! You are a 'dunder heed!' Leave the chickens alone!"


  1. If you are keeping track...yes, this is the dog I backed over with my car, paid around $1,000 total to repair and nursed back to health for over 6 weeks. Fantastic. My million dollar dog is becoming a big fat headache! Here is hoping some further training will solve the problem.

    Grammy, could it be that she is so smart that she is the mastermind behind all this drama or maybe Huck is the smart one. Maybe he puts ideas in Daisy's head and then sits back and watches the plan unfold! :)

  2. I hate to tell you Jessi, but Daisy was "dunder heed" enough to sit behind the van tire while you SLOWLY ran over her. Just saying...she's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed:) Hope the training works. Save The Chickens!!

  3. My brother has FREE puppies to give away that are VERY smart. They are 1/2 border collie and 1/2 australian shephard. They would make a wonderful farm dog. They are so stinking cute and ready to go home. Maybe you could get one and it could teach Daisey some things. :-)

  4. Hee Hee! Sami, you crack me up. I guess I should have known then. :)

    Neta - no more dogs! :)