Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pop's and Grammy's Living Space Update

Here's our new welcome mat...come see us soon!

Here is our entrance - it isn't finished yet but will be soon. Pop picked out a great door and I love it! He had good taste!
This is what you see beyond the door...we've picked out some cabinets but haven't ordered them just yet. Farm Chick is such a good cook and she and EJ such good hosts and the cowboys so much fun that we are not hurrying. :-)

This is a view of the living space from the kitchen area. We're really pleased...and when our furniture finally arrives we will like it better so we can sit somewhere!

This is our bathroom...the vanity is my favorite thing so far and the inspiration piece for our kitchen cabinetry...I can't wait until it is all done!!

We still have several phases of construction before we are "done" with the basement but we'll get for updates as we go.


  1. Beautiful! Amazing what a family can do working together. :-)