Monday, August 3, 2009

Chickens VS Bees

Some background information: EJ hates flying things that sting him...bees, wasps, hornets. You get the idea. Romeo is not a fan of chickens. They creep him out. We are a family of weirdos. I am aware of this. (Don't get me started on my fear of hair or Rock Star's fear of raw chicken)

This is an actual conversation that occurred at Four Sisters Farm last night...

(Romeo said something about EJ hoarding the eggs)

EJ: "I told Romeo if he wanted more eggs to go get them out of the coop."

Farm Chick: "Out of the coop? He is afraid of chickens."

EJ: "You are afraid of chickens???" (with a big naughty grin on his face)

Pop: "I wouldn't say anything if I were you, EJ"

EJ: "What?"

Romeo: "You are afraid of bees!"

EJ: "You can't hug a bee!"

Ladies and gentleman. I've been saving this picture for a very special day. Today is that day.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe he kissed a chicken! He may never live this down! LOL

  2. hilarious. I wonder if mine would kiss one of our chickens?