Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ahhh - Chocolate

After spending time in Gettysburg, Pop and I drove an hour to Hershey (also in Pennsylvania) to visit The Hershey Story which is a museum all about Milton Hershey and his work that has made so many of us so happy! I LOVE chocolate and the museum did not disappoint - neither did the chocolate. I would have brought some home for everyone but it wouldn't have been safe with me on the trip.

We learned that Mr. Hershey and his wife never had children and invested their time and resources into their factory, their town, and the people who lived and worked there. They were good to their employees and made the work place a good one. The town of Hershey, PA was Mr. Hershey's concept and it boggled my mind thinking about all he did to make it work.

The museum showed off technology used in making chocolate through the years and Pop and I attended a "lab" to learn more - well - and to get some chocolate.

Hershey was ahead of his time in many ways - he was "green" before it was the thing to be. The Hershey Company wastes next to nothing in the chocolate making process and even uses the hull of the cocoa seed as mulch. :-)

I asked one of the museum employees what was wrong with Mrs. Hershey (Kitty) - we had read that she had an illness and she died early...this employee was an adorable, young gal - sweet as she could be. She told us that they didn't know for certain but some thought that Kitty had "MD" (ummm...maybe MS?) and that the cause of death was listed as "ammonia" (ummm...maybe pneumonia?) on her "birth certificate" (ummm...maybe death certificate?).

Anyway, it was fun and the chocolate was tasty. There is a lot to do in Hershey, PA and we highly recommend the chocolate!

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  1. Oh my stars.

    Number one, where is my chocolate???

    Number two, I love the young gals answers to your question.

    Hee Hee.