Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayers of an obscenely honest man... part one

"God, please let my kids like radishes..."

So it's NOT why you think.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE CORN. In fact, if I were a bachelor, I would probably fill my body with so much corn that does so little for my well being.

I always wait until everyone has gotten the corn that they want on their plate before I will get mine; and usually what I do is just take the whole corn bowl and eat from it, because I will finish it up.

So yesterday my lovely wife made corn for dinner and the boys are starting to become like their dad, however I hadn't started in on mine and they had already finished their first round of corn. The problem is that they wanted MORE! As I was judging how much that would/could leave me I started to think how much nicer it would be if they just like radishes. Then I would be able to just eat almost as much as I wanted of the delightful yellow veggie.


  1. I feel that way about chocolate cake, but loving a vegetable as much as you do would definitely be better for my health.

  2. Sean LOVES corn! Every day, for every meal, he begs to have a can of corn. Someday we should get the two of you together and have a cornfest!