Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yea

(Please tell me someone caught my lame reference to 90's rap)
In keeping with our farm introductions, I would like you to meet our puppies Huckleberry (on the left) & Daisy (on the right)...

We adopted them from our local humane society in September of 2008. We asked for Australian Shepherds. They told us they had a litter of puppies that appeared to be an Australian Shepherd mix. You never really know for sure! Look how much they have grown in 4 months!

So far, they have proven to be good little buddies with the cats. In fact, Trigger and Huckleberry kennel together at night and Ranger and Daisy kennel together. Every night, when we are calling them all into the garage, Ranger plays hard to get. He acts like he doesn't want to get in the kennel but when we carry him near it he starts purring like crazy. He loves his puppy friend! What a dork!
Well, that's it for introductions. We don't have any other animals for now. EJ has grand plans for other livestock but I am thinking we better learn how to garden and manage the animals we have before we add anything else to this crazy life!
P.S. Bubba just climbed in my lap to see these pictures. He wants everyone to know that Huckleberry and Daisy live in the country with him.


  1. Those puppies are so CUTE! And kenneling them with cats.. what a great idea!

    I had to laugh about the POO post... who knew POO could be so exciting! Good luck with the garden. I am sure you are salivating over the thought of all those fresh veggies! :D

  2. As we add livestock, could we hold off on the goats, EJ? :-) I heard a rumor - something about milking goats???