Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Princess and the Poo

The other day, I had Pretty Princess over here watching Bubba and Wubba. Well, I also had the furnace repair man here working. I didn't feel very good about leaving a young lady here with a man in the basement she didn't know. Romeo was to meet her after her babysitting job for a date so I asked if he could come out a little early. As any Romeo would do, he obliged.

Fast forward to right after bath time. Bubba was still in the tub (with no water in it) while Pretty Princess put a diaper on Wubba. All the sudden she heard, "Get out Poopy!" from Bubba in the bathtub. She thought to herself, "this is very bad." Sure enough there in the bathtub staring her in the face was a big 'ol pile of poo poo. Pretty princess quickly cleaned up the child, got him into his PJs and finished dressing Wubba as well. Then Pretty Princess did what any princess would do.

That's right, she waited for her knight in shining armour to come clean her nephews poo poo out of the tub. Now that is a man in love! Thanks Romeo. You just earned some points with this sister!


  1. Okay, I can't resist, Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo! Deny the smell and refuse your senses. Rescue your pretty princess from the poo! hee hee

  2. This is EJ, you know I'm laughing at that!