Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Blue Fordy Tractor

I'm not going to lie. I thought Pop & EJ were a little crazy when they insisted we needed a tractor for the farm. When Pop purchased this blue beauty we were still living in a tiny house in the middle of town. We hadn't closed on the farm yet and we had to store the tractor at our house. You can imagine the looks we got when people drove by and saw the tractor sitting in our front yard. We aren't totally WT so EJ cleared out the garage so we could store it in there.

This tractor fills each of the grandsons with wonder. They LOVE this thing. Honestly, I think all the guys feel this way. From the oldest to the youngest. Something about a tractor. Bubba started telling everyone that this is his "blue fordy" tractor. We think he heard us talking about the forty acres and got confused. Either way, this tractor is lovingly called "Fordy."

I must say, the guys were right. Fordy is an invaluable resource here at the farm. I am beginning to understand the purpose of these big boy toys. They are a huge blessing and save many back breaking hours of work. Come to think of it, you men are pretty darn smart.


  1. Every time we see a tractor G yells "Mommy, Bubba would LOVE that!" Obviously the blue tractor, and tractors everywhere, are now associated with you guys. =)

  2. I'm dismayed none of the other women have echoed Farm Chick's recognition of our (men folks) keen intellect. That same keen intellect is telling us (men and little men) that a Four Wheeler is next piece of fun, I mean essential equipment needed at Four Sisters Farm. Really Grammy, we need it bad!!!

  3. Hmmm...Pop...."need" may be too strong a word...but I do admire your keen intellect and sense of adventure and mad tractor skills.