Monday, January 12, 2009


Four Sisters Farm has an abundance of cats! When EJ and I found out we were moving here we thought we should get a couple of barn cats. We went to pick out two little cuties from another farm in the area (EJ's Uncles Place). Anyway, here is what they looked like when we got them... The grey one is Ranger and the white one is Trigger. Ranger is a boy and Trigger is a girl. (we promptly had them fixed). Aren't the adorable? Here they are as big kitties.

Please note that the man in the above picture swore he hated cats and would never have one. Now he has plenty of them and he loves them. Sometimes, when he doesn't know I am watching, I see him playing and talking with them. He has developed quite a bond with Trigger and Ranger. You are a big softie, EJ!

When we got moved into the farm we realized something...we had inherited barn cats...wild ones. Exciting but also a little upsetting since we didn't want to become kitty farmers. Well we started out with 5! We are down to 3 now. Lou Lou (DW & Doc's oldest daughter) named them all for us. We just stopped seeing one of them his name was Snowball. The other one was a kitten and he didn't make it very long...Lou Lou gave him the name of Frosted Flakes. (may he rest in peace) So here is the rest of the crew. The pics are blury because these cats are wild and they don't like me.Sugar PatchWhirlwind
Cookies & Cream (C.C.)

Finally, we added one more kitty to the ranks...Coal. I'll tell you more about him later because this post is getting long. Here is his picture.If you are keeping track that brings our number up to 6. They are really fun to watch and they are handy too. They like to hunt mice (which I unfortunately witnessed first hand. Yuck!). They are also fabulous entertainment for the dogs who love to herd them into the barn. Well, they heard the wild ones. Trigger and Ranger are their little buddies and Coal would scratch their eyes out.


  1. Boys always say they hate cats and then end up loving them as much as we do.

  2. Here's to Coal...the cat who is too mean to die.

  3. Maybe we should change Coal's name to "Amazing Grace (I once was lost but now am found)" or "Miracat" combining Miracle and Cat? What a crazy deal...can't wait to read a blog about Coal the mean cat.

  4. This is EJ...this thing with Coal is a real test of my grace. I really don't like that cat though...he's mean. And I now am his primary care giver (and I mean taht in a his getting really old and should be in a nursing home sort of way! he he he). So please pray for me.