Monday, January 19, 2009


So I had some big plans this weekend to help the garden...

I had been reading the Veggie Bible and it kept saying that you need to have compost in your garden (I mean over and over and over and over again...). Got me scared that I didn't have a compost bin and everyone else did and that I somehow had missed the bus on this one.

So I happened to come in contact with a guy who has LOTS of compost...again I'll quickly explain what compost is. Compost is/can be any mixture of: POO, straw, wood shavings, hay, dead plants, wood, veggies, fruit, grass shavings, dirt, etc. This guy happened to have a mixture of mainly POO and wood shavings. This stuff had been sitting there for quite a while, probably over a year. The POO had originated from his horses yet after all this was not the brown fluffy stuff that it started out as, it was RICH, DARK, SOFT, COMPOST, like the best dirt you can get. I know it's a little odd that I get so excited over POO, it's ok, someday you may too!

I had a buddy of mine helping me with the use of his truck, or at least at the beginning of this that's all that he had thought that it was going to require, until I got a call that the POO guy's tractor was in use somewhere else. So we were going to have to shovel it into his truck ourselves. We were going to shovel it out, but hadn't planned on that hard piece of manual labor also! Well we ended up getting it all filled up and over to my place. However the only problem is that we'll need to get several more truck loads because I'll need some more and my buddy wants some now also...yes, he fell in love with the POO too! After we had spread the POO onto my garden and tilled it in, we were both digging our fingers into the bed to see how nice and soft it was...IT WAS AWESOME! GOTTA LOVE THE WONDERS OF POO!

And other news....

When we moved in to the farm we had four dead trees all measuring around 3-4 feet in diameter; and we had them cut down. That's it, cut down, we did all the rest. Cutting into small pieces to fit into the fireplace, splitting the big ones to fit also...all us. These were cut down in July sometime and they have been the bain of my existence since thought originally that it would take a couple good weekends to get these cleaned up, however it has now taken over 5 months. Now I have been working on other projects, but this weekend I finally took the huge trunks that were scattered about in this lawn and pushed them to the burn pile...YEAH, now all we have left is this pile of small limbs, grass, and dirt. Manageable.


  1. Dude...all I can say is that I'm glad it's you not me.

  2. I LOVE POO! We are planning to have a dump truck load of it dropped here!