Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peeved about Propane

The propane man came today. These words should make any checkbook shudder!

Last month the bill was $450 so I thought he would just top off the 'ol tank and give me a bill for $100 or so. WRONG. The bill was...drum roll please...$550. YIKES!

Here is hoping that the new furnace at the farm will help us save some propane.

I guess our first winter out here will be an eye opener!


  1. Ouchy Mama. That's a big chunkaroosky out of the ol' budget!

  2. Why was is so much? Did you actually use three hundred gallons of propane in one month? Jims set up our propane yesterday, and starting from scracth, including the lease fee, my bill was only $523. I am considering calling them back and getting off the "on route". I don't want them filling my propane when it is convenient for THEM. I want them to fill it when it is convenient for ME.

  3. That's terrible!! Is there a gas leak somewhere between the tank and the house? Something is really wrong. Hurry up spring and summer! Quick, EJ, light a fire in the fireplace!

  4. That is no good! I agree with Monica that they should check with you first before filling up your tank.

  5. The price of propane is insane this year. Hopefully it will not go up. Worse year we have had. If it helps our last bill was $637.00. We run two furnances at our house. I don't know if that helps but at least you know I sympathize.