Friday, January 9, 2009

...and some comic relief...

So today I got home a bit early and Farm Chick and the kiddos weren't home yet...YES! That meant that I could work on the garden and use the quickly fading sun for a short hour or so.

I put up stakes where the t-posts will be and put twine all around where the fence will be attached to the steaks. Then I used some spray paint to mark exactly where the beds will be so that when we get the wonderful 66" tiller here on Saturday I can "tear it up!"

Well there I was out measuring with my tape measure and spray painting precise markings of where each bed would be. I had my tool belt with all the things that I needed...hammer, knife, twine, marker, my ever important diagram that I had put in a protective coating so as to not hurt it, tape measure, and of course spray paint. Well as I am measuring exactly where to go, I needed two hands to maneuver the tape and put the spray paint in my tool belt, bent over and "speeet"....a big spray of black paint on my belly! Oh yeah, and it went all the way through my three shirts that I had on and painted ME! How ignorant of me! So I went on about my business and was almost done, and low an behold I did it again...and again all the way through to my skin!

Later that night...I'm doing laundry.

I'm getting out of my now painted clothes thinking that the two white tee-shirts that I had on I might be able to salvage if I put a bit of bleach on them. So I open up the bottle and put my hand on the underside of the shirt and put it to the hole and tip it to put a bit on there and try to get the paint off...I continue to do this (as I have most of my life on many things) on both shirts. Well the second shirt I get a bit aggressive with it and end up not getting my hand down as much as I should have and the bleach goes directly INTO MY EYE! AHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!!! I am in panic mode now and as most of us can't think clearly...however I know that I should probably get the bleach, which happens to be ACID, out of my eye. It is REALLY burning my eye now. I start to throw some water on it.

I call Farm Chick because I think maybe I'm not thinking of something that I could do to make this terrible pain go away. She's working out and has me on speaker because her cell doesn't work right and I'm screaming, "I GOT BLEACH IN MY EYE, WHAT DO I DO?!!!" So I informed EVERYONE at Farm Chick's gym of my dumb situation. Now she tells me rinse with water and to call my mom; a nurse, who would have been the smart FIRST choice to call.

When I got ahold of my mom, she tells me to do the thing that I'm doing, however then she tells me to call poison control; I can't see out of one eye and have never had to occasion to call poison control so do you think that I can get that number? So I ask her to get it for me. What seemed like an eternity later they get me the number and I call them. Then I'm on hold with them for probably 2 minutes, again an eternity to me with every second another layer of my eye ball is burning off from the acid that is slowly making my eye smaller! (picture a cartoon with the eye ball popping out and smoke swirling up) Poison control tells me to go and run a shower and get the water in it.

Well, now all is better, but when you're a bit slow like me, you tend to have some days like this, don't you all wish you could make your guardian angel work overtime like mine does?!!!


  1. Yewouch! Glad your eye is ok.

    I am so happy that you showed me the link to this amazing blog, Farm Chick! LOVE it!!

  2. For future reference, hairspray takes paint out of clothes. Spray on and rub with your fingers until the paint rubs off.

  3. Monica, you are so handy! I didn't know that would work. :)

    Laney, I'm so glad you like the blog!

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  5. Well, I sat in paint one time in my only nice maternity pants. I cannot take much credit for the find. I am sure I Googled it. But it did work. Now, if you knew me better, you would know that I certainly did not have any hairspray and had to go buy some!

  6. are too much. Sometimes it amazes me. *insert head shaking here*

    But I am glad you can still see and we don't have to call you "One Eyed Willy". LOL

  7. Oh, EJ! You made me laugh so hard! But I am glad you eye is okay and you don't have to work the garden plan one-eyed! And how about that Monica and her helpful hint? I can almost hear Pop's mom saying, "She's about as handy as a pocket on a shirt!" I'm practicing my old sayings for someday when I live on the farm.