Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sweet Freedom

In Pop's vision for Four Sisters Farm, he pictured a place where the grandkids could run wild and be free. That is definetly the case! As soon as we turn down the dirt road to the farm, the energy emmitted from the backseat of the Expedition is palpable. Fingers rest on the seatbelt eject buttons and pleas ring out to DRIVE FASTER...DRIVE FASTER! Speed is measured by how much dust is visible out the back window as we go down the road. FASTER, FASTER!!

It doesn't seem to matter if it is cold outside or burning hot...their little feet hit the ground running! They go on "adventures" (with supervision).
They climb on things...

they play with the cats...

they visit the chickens...

they check out the barn...

and anything else that they think might be fun! But by far, the most adventurous thing to do at the farm is to take a hike down to the pond.

They know the way and let me tell'd better move fast if you want to keep up!

And the best part about their adventures is that they are building memories and close relationships all along the way.


  1. A trip to the pond with cousins and a couple of puppy dogs. What could be better? :)

  2. It is a faith building experience to see your dreams paly out before your very eyes. God is truly the Dream Giver and the source of all good things.

  3. Oh My! That looks so wonderful. Brings back many memories! And beautiful babies, too!

  4. Your pictures are wonderful! And do you know that I still have not seent that pond? I'll have to remedy that soon and let Brodrek show me the way.