Friday, January 16, 2009

Birds of a Feather...

In order to feel really "farmy" we chose to get some chickens. Egg layin' chickens that is. DW & Doc bank roll the chickens and EJ and I do the work. We have had lots of fun learning about them and caring for them. They came to live at the farm 0n September 17, 2008 as day old hatchlings. Catch up on their story by checking out the post Happy Chick Day. You can see what they looked like in their adolescence here.

They are grown ups now...I know that looks like tons of poo under them but it's really lots of feathers. Don't get me wrong they poo a lot but the majority of the poo lookin' stuff in the pic is actually feathers. I don't know why I am making excuses for them.

I really like the black and white ones. They just look cool. There are 5 of them in our flock. There are also 5 red ones and 5 blackish ones. For a total of 15.
Well, hello ladies...

Bubba explaining to the chicks how they are supposed to fly into the nesting boxes and lay eggs (they haven't started laying yet)"Wubba, stay out here."

He can't stand it...he has to be where the action is!Look out chickens!

Which one of you is brave enough to come down the ramp into the chicken yard?

Trigger is on the other side of the fence taunting the chicks.

You know you don't have what it takes.One brave soul finally gets the courage up to head into the yard - then Wubba promptly shuts the door on her - I'm pretty sure her clucks meant "I really hate that kid."


  1. I raised Rhode Island Reds for FFA while I was in high school. I loved those stupid chickens. I used to go out to the pen before breakfast and after school to check on them, and I just loved the stinky smell of the coop. I would feed and water them, clean out their cage and throw new straw constantly. They were probably the most pampered chicks ever! I never could bring myself to eat the eggs, though. I always felt sorry for the little baby chickens! Yeah... I'm a geek...

  2. Eggs don't make chickens unless there is a rooster, and I don't think there are any roosters on this farm.

    I wonder if the chickens would give the cat a run for her money? I used to have a dog that would kill and mame the chickens, and sometimes she looked pretty rough after getting a hold of the chickens.

  3. Love the picture of the sisters. I've got five and they make the best friends in the whole world. I used to live on a farm but now live in the big city. However, I collect ceramic roosters and have them everywhere in my house.

  4. I'm thinking how incredible fortunate all of those children are to have adults in their lives who are thinking so far into the future to their benefit!

    AND... how incredibly cool it is to have the whole chicken/kid connection going on. My kids were 11, 14, and 15 when we got chickens, they're 11, 15, and 16 now - it's been *almost* a year... and I can't imagine ever NOT having them! It's so fun!

    I know those kids are gonna grow up with a level of confidence and assurance that comes from being connected to God and His creation!