Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girlie Hammers

So, the farm house was in need of some TLC when Grammy and Pop bought the farm. (By the way, Grammy had waaaayyyy too much fun telling us..."Your Dad bought the farm." Heee heee, snicker, snort. Ok. Not snort. She's far too lady like for a snort but there are others in this family who let a snort fly every now and then during a good laugh. I'm not naming names. You know who you are.)
Anyway, back to the farm house. Farm chick and EJ needed to do some SERIOUS cleaning before they moved in and along with that came some fix up jobs like painting, new carpet, new tub surrounds, etc. During our make over, I was trying to remove a knob that had been screwed and gorilla glued into a cabinet door. I was determined... it HAD to come out. We had picked out nice shiny new knobs. You know one of those "easy" ways to update your space, just simply change out the knobs. Let's just say, I didn't know my own strength and bent the hammer. I think I scared my sisters. They were looking to see if I was turning green and starting to rip my own shirt off..
Turns out it wasn't my brute strength (though impressive) that bent the hammer. Apparently they make "girl" hammers weaker. Coooommme on. You don't think a sister needs a bend resistant hammer? I may look girlie but I think I need to start purchasing hammers for their strength, not for the pretty purple color of their handles. Hmm. Who knew?!


  1. Oh My! That is really funny! I had no idea that they would bend like that, and the thought that "because it's purple" isn't the best reason to buy a hammer is hilarious! :D

  2. Ha Ha Snort! :) I love it that you have pics of that. I kept ahold of that hammer for a while because I was hopeful that somehow it could be fixed. It was so pretty! EJ finally told me to let it go.