Friday, January 30, 2009

Hobos and the Heebie Jeebies

When Pretty Princess was touring the land she made a comment that stuck with me. "So, if I were a Hobo, I would live in the silo." Don't you love the way her mind works? She has always had a love for Hobos. Not sure where that comes from. Anyway, this thought always goes through my mind when I walk by the silo.

Fast forward several months. EJ is out of town on business and Pop & Grammy are at the farm. Pop has been busy working outside during his stay. Well, Pop and Grammy left and EJ still wasn't home. It was my first night alone at the farm. "I can handle this" I told myself. The cowboys were in bed and I was checking up on all the animals. While outside, I noticed it...the silo door was cracked open.

Now a logical person would reason that Pop could have forgotten to latch the silo door. But no not me...I had visions of Hobos dancing in my head. I knew it was just a matter of time before one moved in. After all, the expert on all things Hobo had deemed this silo a perfect Hobo habitat.

I had to think on my feet. "Mr. Hobo? Are you in there? Need something to eat?" I yelled at the silo door. (I told you, I like to feed was the first thing that came to mind) Hearing nothing, I decided to take a look. Nope, no Hobo this time. But if one does show up I'll be sure to make him a meatloaf or something.

Disclaimer: If you are a Hobo reading this. I'm just kidding. I'm nice and hospitable and all but after you ate the meatloaf I would call the cops.


  1. We have two of those silos also that need to be torn down. I don't really understand what purpose they serve in this day and age. The way ours are set up, storing feed in them would not be logical (never would have--it would just pour out when you open the door...). All off the farmers I see around here store their feed in tall tower like things on legs. The silos are a source of contention for me...


  3. Oh my word...hobos on the farm. Can you imagine? Don't there have to be train tracks for there to officially be hobos? LOL

  4. That is the cutest thing! I wonder if maybe she is hoping a sweet little hobo might like to live in the silo... haha... :D I know I wouldn't have looked, though. I would have gone home and called my husband and had him take a look when he got home. Yep. I'm a big ol' chicken!

  5. Farm Chick, I'm totally cracking up! What is it with my girls and hobos? I do love that one of your first thoughts is to practice hospitality (angel unaware, maybe?). I'm with Sondre Lyn - I would have ignored the partially open door and waited for Pop to come home. Hey, Sondre-birds of a feather flock together-chickens included!

  6. You are such an Italian mama! Without the "Italian" of course. =) But very sweet of you to offer your imaginary hobo some meatloaf.