Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Man with the Dream

My husband of more than 32 years is "The Man with the Dream." He told me about an actual dream he had that was the first revelation of Four Sisters Farm as we now call it. Maybe he will blog the story for us sometime.

I feel fortunate to be his wife, helper and partner in this adventure we call life. God has gone before us in ways we could not have imagined. We have watched, hoped and waited as He has revealed the dream bit by bit.

He orchestrated finding the farm (EJ+internet=Pop spending a lot of money). He saved the farm for us, as others who looked at it didn't see what we saw. He worked out sale of one house before the purchase of another (the contingency part of an offer on a place) and gave Farm Chick and EJ willing hearts to take their two little guys and make their home at Four Sisters Farm and to work hard at maintaining and fixing things there while Pop and I are living and working so far away. God even graciously put the dream into the hearts of all the family...even prissy, citified, sophisticated females!

The grandchildren feel what children are meant to feel - free, safe, and loved. When Pop is asked what we are going to raise on our farm he replies, "We are raising grandchildren on our farm." I cannot think of a more noble crop to grow and the thought of being surrounded by children at Four Sisters Farm is so wonderful that it almost makes this Grammy's heart explode!

Now, the house isn't much, the grounds and out building will need a lot of tending and fixing over some years to come - but that doesn't faze any of us. Four Sisters Farm represents something beyond any one or two or four of us or more. It represents home, roots, a safe haven, a place where love abides and God reigns. It represents a place where we can come together to share in each other's lives - a place to be known and accepted.

As we have lived far, far away from our family for several years now, Four Sisters Farm represents the hope in my heart for our family to be together. I can hardly wait to see what all God does with the place - I know it will be good and I plan to be there when it all comes about - hand in hand with my man with a dream - helping to make it a reality. I feel really confident about it all - especially now that I've seen Pop's "mad tractor skills!"

That reminds me...I need a really cute pair of muck boots...I mean just because I'm becoming a farmer's wife doesn't mean I can't have attractive apparel!

Thank You, God for Four Sisters Farm and for the blessing of family and friends.


  1. God is good! And you do need some really cute muck boots, you farmer's wife, you!

  2. Hee Hee...I think we all need some cute cowboy boots too! :)

  3. I would just like to add that Pop + Internet = EJ driving all over tim-buck-too to pick up farm impliments...

  4. Hey that was EJ making the above comment!

  5. Suck it up EJ. There is no whining in farming.

  6. I just saw those boots at Tractor Supply last night. They are crazy-cute, but they are $32! I am keeping an eye on them for when they go on clearance.

  7. Monica - If you see them on clearance I need to know! I don't want to pay $32 for them either! We bargain shoppers have to stick together.