Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quiet Time Interrupters...Kids

A while back DW told me that she was up early for some quiet time and one of her "littles" got up and interrupted.  (Heavy Sigh.)

I knew exactly how she felt!  I told her that when she was small (like three or four), she was my quiet-time interrupter. It seemed that no matter how early I got up for Bible reading, she would get up and "find" me.

DW commented that maybe it was her payback now.

Neither DW nor I really think that God works that way, but life seems to have those things that "come around" in "what goes around, comes around."

So I was enjoying some time in the Word recently and that conversation popped into my head with a new revelation/realization...are you ready???

Just as we are designed to sense our heavenly Father moving and active in our lives, our "littles" seem to sense us active and moving in their lives.  

THEY SEEK US OUT...They come to see us in action, they come to get their needs met, they come just to snuggle, THEY JUST COME!!!

I wish I had made that connection so long ago...I would have been so much more patient...I would have seen that my child loves and trusts me SO much that she feels free to come to me - anytime - anywhere - anyway - and for any reason.

Oh, Father God, thank You that we can come to you as Your "littles" and trust that You are always ready and willing to receive us.  Thank You for Your great love that You so freely lavish upon us.  Help us to see You in our everyday lives and in the lives of our families.  Thank You for not viewing us as interruptions to Your important work.  I love You, God.  Amen.