Saturday, April 11, 2009

Come over and we'll stick an egg in your tail pipe

That's right.

Some of our long time friends were over for dinner last night. He is EJ's buddy from high school and she is my buddy from high school. They owe us forever because they met and fell in love and got married. Anyway, that is another story...

They came to the farm in their totally awesome new truck.

We took them outside to feed the chickens, gather eggs, show them the garden, etc. Little Wubba was proudly carrying around an egg which he decided would fit nicely in the tail pipe of the truck. Oh and he added a rock for good measure.

We all had a good laugh and headed over there to retrieve the egg. No luck. Wubba's stubby little arms somehow pushed that egg too far back. Oh man! What happens when you have an egg in your tail pipe? I guess I never gave this much thought.

Turns out a quick start of the truck and the egg (and the rock) flew right on out. Crisis averted!

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