Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's a Brick House!

This post's photos are courtesy of our guest photographer, Lou Lou, who took pictures of the event with her Daddy's camera! Thanks, Lou!

I would like to start this post off with a little history. First of all, I do not like running. I have never liked running and I will never like running. Or more aptly described "Slogging" as a friend of mine said recently (slow jogging). However, back in October, Rock Star, DW & Pretty Princess ran in a 2 mile race together. Due to my middle child nature I could not be left out. I worked like crazy until I could jog 2 miles. Then all four of us ran a race together a month later. It was exciting and it meant a lot that we did it all together. Mind you, not at the same pace, but all together none the less.
We made the decision to run in a 1 mile race in DW's town in April. 1 mile sounds MUCH better than 2. In fact, I have no idea why a person would ever want to run 26.2 of them in a row. Yikes. When we got closer to the race we realized our four sisters would be down to two. As you know, Pretty Princess is recovering from a broken leg. I think it was an elaborate way to get out of the race. :) Rock Star is preggers again (and feeling awful) so she was out.
It just so happened that Pop & Grammy would be home that weekend so Pop joined us. (p.s. Pop ran a Marathon a few years ago so he is one of the crazy ones)
We had three amigos and we were ready to roll! Check out our before pics...
Notice that everyone looks happy and relaxed but me. I am looking for a bathroom because my nervous peeing is starting to kick in.

Our cheering section was present and accounted for. Check out those sweet smiles.

It's good to know our crowd has enthusiasm! Boogie down boys!

Here we are at the starting line. In true small town fashion the race was postponed so a soccer team full of little boys could get there. You gotta love it.

Our cheering section waited patiently. They wanted to see us off so they could hit the playground for a few minutes.

When the gun was fired we took off as fast as lightning. If there is anything fast about the slog! :) Turns out this course would be up hill, then into the wind and finally down hill. It was a test of my endurance for sure. DW was looking good, chatting and running with a friend just a bit ahead of Pop and I. Pop hung close and kept me moving. He would comment on the lovely weather or the neat looking building. He wasn't fooling me. I knew he was trying to distract me so I wouldn't pass out right there on the road. I am tickled now thinking about how I got to enjoy listening to "Brick House" on my MP3 player while Pop got to enjoy the sound of me having an asthma attack.
We were nearing the last quarter mile when DW jogged back to join us. When we rounded the corner and started into the down hill I realized I was going to live. Then when we got close the the finish line and I could see that the time was still under 12 minutes I almost freaked out. My best time to run the mile was 13 minutes and 20 seconds. I was going to break my record people! I took off with all the energy I could muster. I looked over at Pop and said, "You better keep up!" Then right before the finish line I said to Pop, "I may have started that too soon." Dear Lord, I prayed, keep my feet moving until I cross that finish line. I am going to look like a huge dork if I stop now! He answered my prayer and DW, Pop and I ran to the finish line together! My best time at 12 minutes and 10 seconds!!!



  1. That is so impressive. I am impressed with your story telling abilities, your physical improvements, and your great family support!

  2. I am so impressed!!! Congrats on your record breaking run!!! Right now I couldn't run a mile if my life depended on it.

  3. Great Job girlie!! I'm proud of ya!

  4. Yay us!!!! FC's a BRICK...HOUSE. She's Mighty mighty!

  5. Your picture at the top of the post is hi-larious. And yay for you finishing the race! Like Christa said, I could not finish a 1-mile race if my life depended on it. Yay Farm Chick!!!

  6. How awesome is it that you broke your record?! That's what I'm talking about!

  7. Good for you. It is so cool to break a record. Keep up the good work. You never know it is addicting. You may end up like one of the crazies.

  8. That's awesome! I love that you do the pee dance at the begining of a race too:)

  9. It was so much fun to watch...I do have some new sneakers but still don't have a desire to run with about a walk??? That I can handle!

  10. Yowsa Jessie! You are awesome! Next time count me in! I want to run with you too! I think I could run a 12 minute mile... :-)