Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We may have jumped the gun...

When we moved here we went ahead and purchased a bunk bed. We only use the lower bunk for Bubba and Wubba still sleeps on a crib mattress. (not a crib...he was jumping out of his and hurting his legs) Obviously, neither of our boys are old enough to be on the top bunk yet. Anyway, we turned the bunk bed so that the ladder is pinned against the wall. This way we can keep them from getting on the top bunk and getting hurt. That worked for about 9 months. Now they are regularly climbing onto the top bunk. They know they aren't supposed to be up there but it is just too tempting. After their Aunt's accident, I just can't take it. EJ will be helping me to take the top bunk down and store it. We are going to slide the second mattress under the bed and use it as a trundle. Problem solved.


  1. Too bad. Everybody I know that has tried bunk beds says it never worked out, too dangerous, etc. But, I also really want to put my boys in the same room and get them bunk beds...

  2. Completely random but are those flannel Nick & Nora sheets? My daughter used to have the same pattern...super cute!

  3. Monica, I think it will work when they are older...I hope.

    Jennifer, you are right! Those are Nick and Nora sheets. In fact, DW (my older sis) gave them to me and even found an extra set on Ebay for our cowboy room. She rocks!

  4. You have had to rearrange that room so many times! Too bad your boys are smart and can figure out new ways to get in trouble! :) Hopefully the new way will work for a looooong time.

  5. Way to solve the problem before it becomes an issue. I would love for the girls to have bunk beds too, but I'm too chicken. Boys will be boys though and they'd find a way to get into trouble anyways.