Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on the Garden of "not so Eden"

So we've done some major upgrading around the garden. First off we now have the well working and so we can now water the garden without using rural water. I have a timer on it so that when we're ready to start actually using it, it'll be done without me flooding the plants out because of my ADD. We haven't had to use it yet because we've had a couple of rather wet weeks, about 3-4 inches in that time frame. So I'll wait until the ground is good and dry and then crank this baby up!
Again from my Veggie Bible, he suggests using natural weed barrier with newspaper and straw...well I just happen to have parents that have a daily subscription to the local newspaper and so I was able to layer it down and then put straw over all of it. This retains the moisture and keeps the vital sun from the weeds that would be germinating. You can see what the broccoli and cauliflower looks like popping through the barrier here. I've decided that next year I'm not going to keep grass paths between the beds, but instead put this same kind of layer down and that way I don't have to mow or weed eat with the possibility of hitting something that I want to grow.
Here's a pic of my green onions, I have about 60 of them coming up now, which is about half of them, so we're almost there. You can also see the three other lines to the right, that's where I planted my carrots. I planted 3 rows at 30 feet each! So 90 feet of carrots! WOW...that was harder than I thought. I just hope that the rain immediately after sowing didn't wash them away. If we get a carrot every 2-3 inches then we'll have around 540 carrots!!!
Lastly, who can say that they're a "TRUE" gardener without having a rain gauge. I finally pulled my big one, that I can read from about 2 miles away, out and feel much more ready to ponder whether to turn on the drip system with the rain we have got or not, now that I'll know exactly how much we actually got!


  1. You're off to a much better start than me!

  2. It looks great. You guys are going to have so much wonderful food this year.

  3. Boy, you are going to have a lot of fresh veggies to enjoy this summer. You may have to set up a little veggie stand and sell to passerbys.