Monday, April 13, 2009

Please Pray for Pretty Princess

The youngest of the four sisters is having surgery this afternoon.

She and Romeo will be able to laugh at all of this later...much later.

They were being silly on Friday night jumping on a mattress that was placed on the floor for a friend. In all their "monkey jumping on the bed" glee they somehow got tangled up and Pretty Princess' leg broke. In three places.

Romeo and his folks saved the day. They got her to the ER and then took her home (to their home) to take care of her. Grammy flew in immediately and they have all been nursing Pretty Princess through the weekend. Her surgery is scheduled for 1:00pm this afternoon.

When I went over to visit last night I was impressed to see how Romeo was attending to his princess. He would carefully pick her up and carry her to the bathroom when she needed to go. As you can imagine hanging out with a broken leg for the weekend is incredibly painful. It sounds like no one is sleeping very well as they get up for pain meds, potty breaks, etc.

Please pray that the surgeon will be able to completely repair the breaks in this one surgery. There is a possibility that it will require two. Pray that God will calm and comfort sis as she heads in to surgery. Pray the same for Romeo and the Moms as they wait.



  1. You got it! You can tell her I'm feeling her pain - well, sort of! (I had ankle reconstruction on March 4th - and am still non-weightbearing!)

    Biggest and best insider tip I can offer: don't get behind on the pain medication! After that: DO let others do for you. And after that: consider taking up knitting! LOL! (You can see my knitting blog at )

    Tell her we're praying!


  2. I have had a broken leg and a broken foot (and it does always happing doing the silliest of things), and the experience will open your eyes to what it must be like to live with a disability, as you cannot walk or go to the bathroom on your own, etc. I once, while on crutches, fell down in a parking lot and couldn't get back up on my own. It will be hell for a while, but she will probably come out the other side of this a more compassionate woman. Good luck to her!