Monday, February 7, 2011

I have a very addictive personality...reasons to follow...

1. When I was in college I probably played various game systems around 20+ hours per week...I finished grand truismo (a very long race game). Upon graduating college my buddies back home didn't want to play HALO with me because I knew it like the back of my hand.  I was an ace sniper.

This is why I have not, nor never will have a gaming system in our house. I do not have an extra 40 hours per week to take away from my work, family, or sleep!!!

2. About a year ago Farm Chick and I got the first 5 seasons of the office and of an evening we would watch several episodes for our entertainment. The problem is that I CAN'T STOP WATCHING!! NO I MEAN IT...I LOSE SLEEP BECAUSE OF THIS! Recently we got the first season of Burn Notice (a spy show from USA that's terrific if you haven't seen it). Well I got it on a Friday and by the end of the following Monday evening we were DONE with the show...for those mathematically challenged folks...that's 12+ hours of fantastic sweet spy show screening!

3. We now are watching Big Bang theory and the sixth season of the office. Lord help us!

4. When I was planning my garden a couple of summers ago I spent all my evening hours with graph paper and gardening books arranging all the different vegetables and fruits in the perfect order. I probably spent over 100 hours just preparing to do something in that garden.

I have an addictive personality...there are many more things that I could list, but it wouldn't be productive and I've already gotten my point across.

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  1. If you ever find a cure, please share it! I too suffer from APD (Addictive Personality Disorder) and have read entire book series in a matter of days, leaving my family starving with no clean clothes to wear. I have also caught up to the current season of NCIS in a matter of months. My husband and children thank you in advance for any enlightenment you can share on this subject. :)