Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No clothes in our closet

At a recent play date, I overheard Bubba announce to his friends that, "We don't have any clothes in our closet."  It sounds like a sad tale but alas it is just another one of Mommy's attempts at organization.

Grammy has always said that the laundry room should contain dressers for everyones' clothes.  That way clothes go straight from the dryer to the dresser.  I always thought that sounded a little weird.

Fast forward a bunch of years, I now have 3 busy little men who all expect to wear clothes.

I decided to to do 2 things.

1. Donate excess clothes
2. Place Bubba and Wubba's dressers in the laundry room

It is currently a pilot program but I think it is going very well.  I don't feel so overwhelmed when it comes to putting up all their clothes. 

Also, I can better manage what comes out of the dressers.  Anyone who has had pre-schoolers knows that emptying their dressers is considered an Olympic Sport.  Even the coolest of gals want to blow their top when they see every last clothing item their child owns strewn on the floor of their closet/bedroom.

I may have to move a set of these in for baby Q.


  1. We have a similar set-up only it's in their closet and I am here to testify that I loathe putting the clean laundry away. That is an awesome idea!

  2. I am really thinking about moving Q's clothes out too. That may be a snow day project!