Monday, February 28, 2011

Alpaca Eggs

So Pop and I were on our way to DW's house for Christmas a couple of years ago. It was just us in the car and we were talking about all sorts of fun farm type stuff. We got on the subject of chickens and big eggs. When I said " I wonder how big an Alpaca egg can get?"
I'll let that sink Alpaca egg!

So at this point, Pop didn't have the heart or desire to tell me about the flaw in my question. What a mean wasn't until the next day at breakfast he busts me out and tells everyone the story!

I now know the difference between an Alpaca and an Emu (what I thought that I was referring to). Here's a picture of both for your reference. 

This is an Emu...they have eggs...really big ones as a matter of fact!

This is an Alpaca...They DON'T have EGGS!  I'm sure Pop was wondering..." hairy would an Alpaca egg be?"

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