Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank you to the Johnsen Family

Before Bubba was born I hit a bunch of garage sales.  I was so excited to find sweet baby boy clothes for my new little man. 

I noticed a totally cute pair of red gap sweat pants at one garage sale.  I scooped them up and bought them along with a bunch of other clothes.

I washed them and put them away.  It wasn't until many months later that I put the pants on him.  He looked so cute in these fuzzy red pants!  It wasn't until he crawled away that I noticed something...

These pants were embroidered.  With a family name.  Two thoughts came to my mind...

1. Who embroiders their baby's pants with a family name?
2. How did I not notice it?

Still, they are cute pants, all warm and snugly.  So...Bubba wore them, then Wubba, then baby Q, who knows who else might one day wear these pants.

So to the Johnsen Family, I say, "thanks for the pants!"

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