Monday, February 21, 2011

Intruders among us...

One night I was in the basement (long before Pop and Grammy were living with us and the basement was unfinished) fixing a power cord on the fireplace that the previous owners dogs had chewed to oblivion. I happened to also be talking on the phone to a buddy of mine while doing that. Farm Chick was working out and I was home alone with the cowboys. They were in bed and asleep. As I was working along, talking, I heard what sounded like a big plastic cup fall off the kitchen counter on to the floor...OH Farm Chick was home. So I told my buddy and headed up the front stairs. Got up to the kitchen and no one was there! So then all of a sudden it hit me...THERE COULD BE AN INTRUDER!!!!

I had a knife from fixing that electrical cord, and I figured the guy headed down the back stairs, so I pursued with knife in hand, flashlight in hand, along with the phone still on (I wanted to have a witness if someone got hurt). While in route to the basement I picked up a rifle and so now I had the rifle in my left hand holding the knife like a bayonet along with the light because the basement was NOT very well lit.

My heart was racing and the adrenaline was flowing like Niagara falls! I put the phone in my pocket (still on, again for protection).  I started going through the basement room by room; just as I had seen all the great SWAT teams or cops or Jack Bauer do. However in my distress I started telling the intruder how unlucky he was and how horrible he was...this is the nice way of saying that I was screaming at the top of my lungs obscenities at him telling him to come out and I wouldn't shoot him or stab him (I didn't have any time to grab that)!

I made my sweep of the basement and alas to my delight there was NO ONE in our house that was there for nefarious intentions! WHEW! I gleefully picked back up the phone and told my friend that joyful news. He informed me that he had heard the whole thing and that I sounded ridiculous!

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