Saturday, February 5, 2011

Purposeful Repurposing

"Waste not, want not." I've heard the quote since I was small; though it isn't from scripture, it makes good sense.

I've witnessed my folks, my grandparents, and other smart folks repurposing things all my life - whether it is restoring something, making it into something else, or passing it along to someone else who can use it, the example has never been wasteful.

Pop and I recently graduated from our big, old, big, heavy, big, cumbersome (did I say big?) television to a flat panel TV mounted on the wall. Ahh...the floorspace we gained!!

But what to do with the old tv armoire? old computer space was needing some help. The space was a bit junky and disorganized and always out in the open.

So we repurposed both pieces and took the keyboard drawer glides and added them to one of the armoire shelves. Now I can have my keyboard AND my mouse at the same level! Go, Pop!! Strong work!

We took off the back of the top piece that had been cut out to allow for the BIG tv, cut one of the shelves in half, added a light, sorted the stuff and put it in drawers all neat and organized and the old computer desk is in Pop's "red shed" awaiting it's new assignment there.


  1. Love it! Added bonus is to be able to close it all up when your not working. I am now on a hunt for someone's old TV cabinet that they no longer need! ;-)