Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Skinny Jeans...

Farm Chick and I were at our local Target and I have been needing some new jeans...and if you know me, I when I find something that works, I usually don't change from it very easily or quickly (thanks for that one dad!).

So I get the same jeans every single time. They are Wrangler 34X34...relaxed fit. These fit wonderfully and are relatively inexpensive...only about $15 at your local Walmart (I LOVE WALMART)! I usually have to buy relaxed fit jeans because my quads and calves are huge (probably from the running)...I don't have chicken legs like alot of white guys or long distance runners.

So back to Target that fateful day. Unfortunately being the size that I am there aren't alot of them in stock...I don't know if it's not a common size so they just don't usually have it, or if it's so common that they can't keep it in stock.  Anyway, they had the size in stock and I threw them in the cart without thinking twice. We got home and Farm Chick washed them up.

A couple of days later I had to go out of town for an overnight visit on business. So when I left for work, I had packed for the evening drive some comfortable clothes instead of the usual suit! I packed my new jeans of course. That afternoon, I was changing at my office, when I started putting on my new jeans, something was horribly wrong! Had I bought skinny jeans?!! Had I bought the cowboy wranglers?!! (I know I live on a farm, but I just can't do it...they're NOT comfortable on me!) I had to practically lather myself in lotion and baby powder to get into them (for those of you young people out there that was a "Friends" reference!) This was NOT going to work!

So I went across the street to the Walmart and prayed that they would have exactly my size in the kind of jeans that I needed. Hallelujah, they did!

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