Saturday, April 30, 2011

The one about the house

I cannot explain how this happened.  It just did.  The night I knew the twins were gone it came over me so strong.  I looked at EJ and said, "It's time.  Buy me a house."

You see we have been on the Four Sisters Farm adventure for almost 3 years now.  The first year we were here by ourselves and then God blessed us by bringing Pop and Grammy here for the past two years. 

The plan was for us to live in a multi-generational home for a couple more years until we were ready to build a place on EJ's family land.  With the housing market so low we can buy a heck of a house for much less than what we can build it.

The timing seemed a little crazy to those around me.  Everyone wanted to be sure that I wasn't acting out of grief.  I asked that everyone would give me grace if I freaked out and changed my mind in a week.  EJ contacted our realtor but told her that he wasn't sure if I would be able to go through with it.

But the feeling didn't go away.  It got stronger.  I felt like we needed to get in position to receive the blessing of more children.  (a strange emotion when you have just lost two)

At the time there was literally NOTHING right for us on the market.  I kept checking to see if just the right place would appear.  I figured God was going to make the process take a long time so we could all come to grips with this big change.  I was perfectly okay with that.

You see, I have loved being here.  This place is special.  The land is beautiful.  The pond is peaceful.  The home is warm.  My folks are here.  My family comes here often.

Don't get me wrong.  Multi-generational living has its challenges.  But the benefits have certainly outweighed the challenges and the time together has been so sweet.   

Two weeks into our search we found what we thought was just the right house.  It was in distressed condition but we were looking forward to restoring it.  It was going to be over 5,000 square feet when it was completed.  It had so much potential.  Long story short...the deal fell apart.

We were so sad but knew that God must have something else for us.  Again I checked online for more homes.  I was sure this was going to take forever.  When were we going to find another home that size for a decent price?  What a bummer.

Then I found it.

I had heard that this home would be going on the market but I had no idea how BEAUTIFUL it was.

EJ was out of state on business when the house came on the market.  I e-mailed him the link to the house.  He encouraged me to go see it.  I wasn't sure I wanted to do that without him.  I took Grammy and the boys and we checked the place out. 


It has a very open floor plan.  I can have those big family gatherings I love to host.  Not to mention the size of the bedrooms, the wood floors, the vaulted ceiling, the sun room, the huge family room, the fireplaces, the built in book shelves, the storage space, etc.

So I told EJ all about it.  He encouraged me to go ahead an make an offer.  We knew what we were looking for.  This home has over 5,000 square feet and it is move in ready.  All I need to do is buy some furniture to fill it.

We literally bought this house while EJ was in another state! 

He just went with me to see it this morning and sign the paperwork. 

What an exciting time!

This is one of the pictures from the listing.  It just makes me happy...
(The sign says, "Christ is the head of this house.  He is the unseen guest in every room.")

You want to know something special?  Not only is there a heritage of faith in this home, there is also a heritage of adoption.  This home has always been owned by an adoptive family.

What does God have planned for us in this next chapter?

I believe He is bringing more children. 

This house will be ready to give them shelter and a place to call home.  Bring them home, Lord, in your perfect timing.  We are here with open arms.


  1. After recent emails...I was thoroughly expecting this post soon. I had no idea how much emotion would be captured in these words. I offer you my tears of joy, for your family and this new season. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear what blessings God brings your way.

  3. May this new, bright chapter of your story be full of joy and happiness. May the walls of this home be filled with laughter, precious memories, and more little footsteps coming to call this place "home".
    Congrats! (oh and from 1 stalker to another, your home is no longer listed!!!)

  4. Congrats! I heard about this through the grapevine but am so excited to see that it is official and so glad you will be moving so close!